Introducing our new Italian Valpolicella from Begali

Introducing our new Italian Valpolicella from Begali

Mark discovered Begali Estate on his recent trip to Verona and believed that Valpolicella  is the ideal wine for the Melbourne food and wine scene. 

The winery is situated in the charming Valpolicella area, between Piedemonte and the hills of Castelrotto, near Verona and Garda lake.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the Begali has passed from the tradition and love of the land and its work from father to son.

The vineyards is set amongst cherry orchards covering hills and slopes in a small hamlet called Cengia.

This name comes from the name of the rocks dotted around on the facing hill. This is why the wines we produce are so rich in aromas and typical flavours of the fertile land and reflect the harmony and the singular characteristics of this area.

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