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Butussi Friulano 2022


GROUND: Bottom Hill, consisting of marl and sandstone stratified in depth and colluvial on the surface

HARVEST: Manual, the harvest period is visually assessed at
achievement of the optimal ripeness of the grapes, which in this area occurs towards the second decade of September.

VINIFICATION: After destemming, the crushed grapes are immediately cooled to a temperature of 12 ° C and left in contact with the skins for 12 - 16 hours. During this time, the natural enzymes of the must allow a release of the aromatic components, linked to the skin, accentuating the structure and the typical varietal characteristics of the grape. After this period, the must is delicately separated from the skins, cold decanted, racked and fermented at a controlled temperature for about 12-14 days.

REFINING IN BOTTLE: 6-8 months in steel barrels 2 - 4 months in the bottle

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WINE: Straw yellow in colour tending to greenish. Delicate and pleasant aroma reminiscent of wildflowers; it has a dry flavour with a soft and velvety taste and an aftertaste of bitter almond. It is excellent as an aperitif, but it also goes well with appetisers  in general, with eggs and asparagus and it is excellent with San Daniele ham.


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