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Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe “Superiore” Runcata Soave 2020

Denomination :  Soave Superiore DOCG (Runcata vineyard cru)
Grapes : Garganega
Yield : 1.3 kg/vine
Growing Area : Corte Giacobbe estate, in Roncà, Verona, in the Vento region. The southwest-facing vineyards grow on a plateau at 450 metres, between two extinct volcanoes, Calvarina and Crocetta.
Soil Profile : Ocean-derived calcareous soils, rich in basalt and in grey and black tuff.
Vineyard Age: 10-70 years old
Training System : Verona pergola at 6,000 vines/hectare and Guyot at 5,000 vine/hectare. Bud-selection and cluster-thinning are practiced.
Harvest Period : The harvest, which generally takes place in October, is carried out exclusively by hand, and in two separate vineyard passes, in order to pick the grapes at peak ripeness.
Vinification : The clusters are gently pressed, blanketed by inert gas, which protects the delicate aromas from oxidation. The free-run must then ferments at a controlled temperature (11-15°C) in large oak ovals
Maturation : Maturation, which lasts 12 months, takes place in 20hl oak ovals at controlled temperatures, with the wine in contact  the fine lees, in order to enhance both structure and. Following bottling, the wine rests in the bottle a minimum of 8 months before release.
Sensory Profile : Gold-yellow in appearance. Generous, stylish bouquet of acacia and almond blossoms, of peach, camomile, vanilla, and sulphur intrigue the nose, with a clean vein of minerality, concluding with pungent sage and rosemary. The quintessence of its character is immediately clear upon entrance: dry and quite smooth, with a fine supportive structure, while judiciously crisp fruit gives both vibrancy and length. This is a superbly-structured wine that reaches its best only after a few years.
Serving Suggestions : Pairs beautifully with elaborate dishes, even those with rich sauces; with risotto and porcinis; with white celery, squash, and almonds; cod alla vicentina; and with fish, salmon, scallops, and crab.
Alcohol : 13% vol.
Serving Temperature : 12-14°C

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