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We believe every meal should be accompanied by a beautiful glass of wine so we have hand selected only the best Italian wines from the most well respected regions and long established estates including Veneto the home of Prosecco, Piemonte the king of Italian wines Barolo.
Each wine brand is carefully hand crafted by our family estate wine producers from so Live, love, laugh and drink wine at vino bambino
Martoccio di Brunelli Luca
Il Palazzo
Kurtatsch Vineyards
Menhir Salento
Querceto di Castellina
Tenuta del Meriggio
Terzini - wines from Pescara, Abruzzo
Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe - wines from Veneto, Italy





You probably guessed, Wine Cart specialist Italian wines. Italian wine is mainly produced in each and every region of Italy, which is home to some of the earliest wine-making regions in the entire world. Italy is the largest producer of Italian wine, with a territory of 702,000 ha under cultivation, and giving an annual yield of 48.3 tons of wine annually. Italian wine has taken a number of awards over the years, including numerous Wine Masters of the World trophies. Some Italian wine styles have been especially adept at blending different kinds of grapes like Merlot grapes from the north of Italy with Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the South of Italy to produce Italian wine of the highest quality.

Italian wine has an astonishing collection of exceptional wines, making it a favourite for both occasional consumption as well as for great gifts. Some Italian wine can be had for as low as $20 per bottle! Italian wine can be found in some of the finest restaurants throughout Europe or Australia and has even spread its wings overseas, particularly in China and France. Chinese people are becoming more familiar with Italian food and cooking.

Italian wine regions in Italy's North country include Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Carrara, and Colli Orientali, where you can find plenty of modern Italian farmhouses and apartments made of brick along the streets. Italian wine lovers who are looking for great tasting Italian wine should simply navigate through our website and see what is right for them. Another tip is to go for Italian white wine when you go to Italy because you will get more variety there than in any other part of the country but luckily we can have plenty of varieties.! So go ahead, treat yourself to a bottle of Italian wine and a taste of Italy!

Sangiovese wine

If you are ever fortunate enough to have tasted Sangiovese wine, then you will know why it is considered one of the best Italian wines available. The Sangiovese grape is steeped in history and tradition, having first been brought to this country by the Romans more than two thousand years ago. Now the grape remains a key part of the Italian wine tradition, although its popularity has diminished greatly over time. However, if you really get the opportunity, you simply have to try it - because it simply is not the same without the Sangiovese. There is something wonderfully delicious about Sangiovese wine and it is often listed as an optional ingredient on many of the best Italian red wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon wines

Cabernet Sauvignon aka "cab sav", considered the "queen of wines," has long been the favourite in Australia. It is one of the world's most widely grown and most famous varieties, with annual production numbers in excess of 90 million bottles. Because of its versatility and moderate price, it is often used for blending but is also able to stand on its own, producing excellent dessert wines. As one of the country's most popular red grape varieties, Cab Sav ranks second only to Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc. While it loses out on some recognition in comparison to its more well-known colleague, such as Merlot or Pinot Noir, there are distinct differences and characteristics that set it apart from the other grape types on your table.

Piemonte Wines

Piemonte is the official range of Italian red wines produced in the region of Piedmont within the northern part of Italy. Piedmont is a rugged mountainous region in which most of the grapes grown are used to make wine. The majority of the Italian red wines produced are based on the Chardonnay grape. Although it is considered a darker wine, Piemonte is actually one of the lightest of the Italian reds. This is why there are no dark liquids in Piemonte, such as Lambrusco, which is the most expensive of the Italian red wines produced in this region.

Chianti Classico wine

A Chianti Classico wine is any white or red wine made in the beautiful Chianti area of Tuscany. It has traditionally been associated with a long squat glass bottle, sometimes enclosed in a thin straw basket, known as a fustache. But many makers of this wine nowadays also use the less traditional form, which is usually more economical. The smaller and thinner bottles are less than an inch high, often no more than three inches high at most. Because they are usually produced in mass quantities, a typical Chianti Classico wine will not be as affordable as other varieties, but you can be sure that it will be worth the money.

Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are a widely recognised celebration of fine food and drink across the world, particularly in Europe and Australia. Although sparkling wine is often associated with champagne, it is not a strict definition. Sparkling wine can have other characteristics like high acidity, an excess of tannin, or a general fruitcake appearance. No matter what you call them though, they all have one thing in common: they are delicious!

Amarone wine

Amarone Wine, also known as Amarone, is a DOCG wine grape variety, usually considered to be very rich, dry and syrupy with a complex flavour. The name "Amarone"comes from a village called Amaro, situated on the Amari River in the Apenniesola Mountains of Genoa, Italy. Amarone is from the Corvina district of usually northwest of Venice, in the greater Veneto region. The region of Veneto is named after the city of Venice, the capital city of Italy. The wine of this grape varietal is a very dark red wine, whose colour ranges from deep amber to dark purple. The aroma is robust with a powerful hop aroma and a complex taste that will overwhelm any palate.

White wines

White wines are those made without contact with skin. The colour can be green, yellow, straw coloured, or even golden. It is made by the spontaneous alcoholic ferment of the fruit pulp of grapes, which can have a clear skin of some shade. White wine has been around for more than 4000 years. Now, it has grown to become an Australian favorite wine along with Pinot Noir and Merlot.

Barbaresco wines

Barbaresco is an acid red wine made in northeast Italy s Piedmont province. Made entirely from 100% Nebbollato, Barbaresco differs from its Barolo counterpart in the sense that it is an extremely tannic and sweet wine that requires many years of perfect cellaring for it to achieve equilibrium. With a medium body and low alcohol content, Barbaresco is well suited for blending with other dry red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Other popular types of red wines in the same category as Barbaresco include Barbaresco from Bordeaux, Barolo from South Africa, and Pinot Noir from France.

Barbera wines

Barbera, a light purple grape variety, is an excellent wine grape grown throughout Italy. It is the third most planted red grape variety in Italy (behind Sangiovese and Montepulciano), and produces good yields with moderate acidity and moderate colour. Typically it is found growing in the northern part of the country, especially near the Trentino-Alto Adigo Mountains. Barbera vineyards often have some of the best ripest grapes, which make barbera wine perfect for red meat, game, cheese and sausage. Barbera is also an ideal wine to pair with different sauces or tomato based dishes due to its flavoursome complexity.

Full bodied wines

If you are looking for a wine that will make you say "wow," full bodied might be what you are looking for. Essentially, this term is a way to describe the fullness, alcohol content, and flavour of a particular kind of wine, no matter whether it's red or white. Although between 70% and 77% of modern youth drinkers drink alcoholic beverages, very few know exactly how to tell if a glass of full bodied wine is full bodied or light. It could be that you are just looking for a pleasant change of pace from the usual colas and lattes, or you could be trying to refine your palate and try a new alcoholic beverage. No matter why you are looking for a full bodied wine, it is important to know what to look for.

Medium bodied wines

Many medium bodied reds are similar to Cabernet and Sauvignon, but their aromas have a more subtle combination than their more bitter counterparts. The most popular medium bodied wines are those with complex aromas with hints of fruit and orchard or pepper. These medium bodied wines can include such fruits as pears, plums, apples, apricots and even chocolate. Some of the more delicate wines in this section include the Penfolds Grange, Shiraz and Chianti Classico which can all be had at a moderate price.

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