Avide Vinery is an activity born from a family's passion.

In the 1882 was bought first vineyard in the area of Mortilla – a little contrada in Chiaramonte Gulfi.
After more than one century, we are working on our vineyards to preserve the main characteristics of each grape.

Across years we focused on the respect of natural balance of vineyards, in particular on the insects relationships. We are working since 2004 without synthetic pesticides, because when you kill all the insects you can be sure that firsts that re-start are nocive insects... instead, in nature are presents since the sunrise of world, balances that keep under control the enemies of our dear vine.

We did it for our sensibility, but never thought to certified it, until 2016. Then we decided to certify it and we passed (law said it) three years of convertion (even if nothig was to convert....) until 2019, which vintage can use “Organic” word, as in vineyards as in vinery. We are manteining in these way: autoctonial, safe, and healty (also for our envinroment).

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