Castello Bonomi - Lombardy, Italy

The name “Franciacorta” has its roots in the Middle Ages, when these lands were entrusted to small community of Benedictine monks that started the cultivation of vineyards and the wine making.

Hence the first “forefather” of a sparkiling wine called “biting”, in the thirteenth century , four hundred years before Champagne.
Land of abbeys and priories, this moraine area bounded by Mount Orphan, Monte Alto and the hills of Lake Iseo, knows his first development in wine production in the second half of 1800, when the historian Gabriele Rosa could define it land of “most excellent wines blacks and whites.”

On the slopes of Mount Orphan, a jewel in a wonderful treasure, you can find Castello Bonomi, the only Château in the Franciacorta area.
The Castello Bonomi estate takes its name from the original Art Nouveau building designed by the architect Antonio Tagliaferri at the end of the XIX century.

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