La Perla - Valtellina

Our vineyard and winery company is young but love and passion for the vine and oenological culture has been in our blood for generations.

This is why we love our region and cultivating vines in the mountains. We grow Nebbiolo and Pignola valtellinese and are located in Valtellina, at Valgella –Tresenda di Teglio, at the heart of the famous vine-covered terraces in Sondrio Province, Lombardy in northern Italy.

"We grow dreams", knowing full well that to make them come true requires effort and research to produce the desired results. We have the will to feed the dream and make it unique.

Our objectives are to constantly improve the quality of the grapes, to reduce operational costs, by means of gradually introducing a partially mechanised system and the development of a vine cultivation system that allows the foliage surface to enjoy maximum exposure to the sun. In addition to all this, we are constantly striving towards keeping the winemaking process state of the art in terms of new cellaring techniques.

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