Martoccia di Brunelli Luca - Montalcino, Italy


The Montalcino area is steeped in rural tradition where in the past, country families lived in farms of varying sizes.

The medieval town of Montalcino is located on a chain of hills lying between Siena to the north and Monte Amiata to the south. The area is famous for its typical wine: “Brunello di Montalcino”.

The small Martoccia di Brunelli farm lies in the midst of the Montalcino hills. It is owned by Mauro Brunelli and Anna Savini, both of whom are descended from farming families that have always lived in Montalcino.

As commonly occurred in the 1960’s, a hard time for the agricultural sector, the Brunelli family left their home and farming life for the city and got involved in other activities.
In 1964, the family returned to the farm and with just 3 hectares of land they began to plan the production of wine.
Mauro and Anna’s only son is Luca who decided to farm the property after completing his studies. As a result, the family started to produce wine.
In 1998, they bought some more land on which they planted a new 3 hectare vineyard.


The Martoccia di Brunelli farm currently covers 20 hectares of land, 8 of which are vineyards. 6 of them planted under Brunello di Montalcino vine register for D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). Other 4 Ha are part of the property in the Montecucco area, where 3 Ha are planted under vines. The farm also has a few hectares of olives groves and woodland. A small amount of olive oil is also produced.

Some of the wine matures in medium/large barrels while the rest is put into French oak barrique in the recently restored winery. The most important thing about producing wine is to use a cultivation technique that gives a good quality wine with a smaller amount of grapes. The official production specifications require that no more than 8 tons of grapes be produced per hectare. Though it's not easy to grow less grapes, it is the best way of obtaining good results.


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