Tenuta Del Meriggio

Already along the first curves of the provincial road that leads to Passo della Serra the visitor is conquered by the singular beauty of this part of the Irpina land that divides the valley of Saturday from that of Calore; land for thousands of years known for the cultivation of the vine to which it is naturally suited; and it is here on the Serra di Montemiletto, at about 550 meters above sea level, that the Tenuta del Meriggio lies at the center of which the modern cellar has been placed.

Tenuta del Meriggio is born from the passion for vineyards before for the unparalleled wines that they produce in these places.

The chosen name we like to refer to the atmosphere that it shapes, especially in the tremulous and sunny summer "controre", when on these hills time seems suspended and the air pervaded by ancient magic.
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