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Montanaro Grappa Barolo Ometti


Frase breve: grappa made from pure selected Barolo Nebbiolo grape marcs only.
Refined in oak barrels to merge aroma and flavour. This grappa acquires smoothness, perfume, a velvety flavour and unmistakable straw colour.

Raw material: pure selected Barolo Nebbiolo grape marcs only
Distillation and production cycle: batch (discontinuous) distillation in small copper boiler and separation of good alcohol from methyl alcohol using double column
- distilled according to the Montanaro traditional method: steam alembics in copper
- refinement in oak barrels for about 18-24 months
- bottling in 50 cl and 70 cl bottles
- alcohol content: 43°

Tasting notes
(occhio) straw-coloured
(naso) intense and delicate with soft spicy notes
(bocca) soft texture and intense taste, persistent, velvety and balanced with harmonic woody notes

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